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I have recorded at Studio THomasso at least once a year several years running. I’m always satisfied with the quality of the recordings, the takes and the mixes. That’s why I have great confidence in Studio THomasso and even order recordings without being present from my country. What is very nice about Studio THomasso is that is located in a very quiet place close to nature and therefore so different from the studios in cities.

You have created a beautiful place of warmth and inspiration. I’m honored to have been here and to have experienced this place and your support. I really appreciate you and the time and space we spent together.

I can highly recommend Studio THomasso to all you songwriters out there. If you want a friendly and professional workplace that knows how to get the best results from acoustic instruments and alike, with an update approach in the use of midi and computer programs, then this is the studio for you. Together with the location in the country side just outside Chiang Mai, you could not find a more suitable studio in Thailand.

Thank you Thomas for making my dream come through. Recording my album ‘Anders’ at your studio was a great experience. The way you work is very professional, but you add to that a warm, creative and inspiring attitude to the music, the musicians and the product. Also the calm, natural environment helps to get the best out of everybody.

Recording at Studio THomasso was a musicians dream come true–a studio amongst lush gardens alongside a river, excellent studio space and a relaxed atmosphere. Thomas really took the time to listen to me and my music, and worked with me to produce the best CD I was capable of. He has the knowledge, technical skills, equipment, and musical intuition to help anyone realize their potential.

Hi Thomas, Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all your efforts and help over the past week in Thailand. I had a good and relaxing experience recording my album with the session musicians, despite the intensity of the recordings. You were always professional and enthusiastic and focused on completing the project within my timescales, which I appreciate. I will remember with fondness my time in Chiang Mai when I listen the recordings which for me alone makes the project successful. Thanks again for your help, accommodation and patience.

Thanks so much Thomas and Nim for your welcoming hospitality, for your good company and for supporting me in every way possible to make the best music that I can. I have had such a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful home and the studio of course. What a beautiful place to make music! I will definitely be back. Thanks again. Xx

High class audio engineer and musician who knows what he wants and does, a pleasure to work with. Working in one of the most gorgeous studio environments I have seen so far, in a lush tropical garden in Northern Thailand. Together with a beautiful swimming pool and 2 bungalows for musicians to stay in, which are so comfortable, you never want to leave. I lived in Thomas’s garden for almost 2 years. Great productions, very experimental creative workflow, a musician/producer like Thomas can blend in any instrument. The most eclectic instruments were introduced to me by Thomas. I highly recommend THomasso Studio for any producing musician or band…

This was my first recording with Thomas and it was a hugely enjoyable experience. I have considerable engineering knowledge and experience but really didn’t want to be getting involved in that. From the first day I knew that Thomas is a very capable operator thus allowing me to relax and allowing me to concentrate on the music and the musicians.

Set ups were quick, organisation tight and he knows just the right moment to make a comment or add a thought, he’s a creative and tactful chap too.

Home made cakes appear from Thomass’s wife Nim at certain points of the day, this is not to be sniffed at because….er…cakes! Woohoo!

The accommodation and setting were perfect for my taste, almost magical woodland all around with a wooden bridge over the river and the salas outside each bungalow are perfect for getting stuff done and writing. In fact I started writing the next album there.

Do not hesitate to book this studio, it’s the real thing, you will get what you want from it without a doubt.

I have worked with Thomas on many projects over the years. I am an educational materials developer and Thomas has provided audio voice-over work for me on numerous occasions. When I went to him I was a little intimidated because I knew nothing about doing professional recordings and was not a musician. He was very instructional and informative at our first meeting and really walked me through all the processes and has been a trusted supplier ever since. He offers great voices with quality audio capture at great prices. His studio in Chiang Mai Thailand is a very nice place to do recordings. It is professional and surrounded by lush green nature, a great place to check out. I now hire him remotely as I live overseas from him, and we continue to do business on a regular basis.

Thank you to Thomas for a great recording experience. You were generous, encouraging, organized, creative and just plain made this experience a great one for me.

Liner notes on CD ‘Hear the Silence’, released 1999. John Bryant, USA. Singer, songwriter, performer, producer.

I’ve recorded at a lot of studios in Canada and Europe and I don’t know if I’ve ever found a more relaxed and natural environment to work in….the staff is efficient and fun…the facilities excellent…and the equipment is state of the art, highest tech kind of stuff……just a great sound. Highly recommended. I worked out my first CD there which eventually got picked up by a great record label………

Great place to record. And the homemade bread is just out of this world.

Recording at the Studio Thomas was a great help to us in his advice and knowledge of recording and musicianship and was invaluable with his tips and comments that helped us musicians on a budget get the most out of our recording time. He was very supportive in helping us complete “Out of Ashes”. Thanks again for your help and input, I learned a lot about what it takes to make a great CD. In Peace.

Dear Thomas, it was such a pleasure and delight to record in your studio. You gave many inspirational and valuable advice and suggestions that pulled the best out of the moment. You do this with your heart and soul which makes it so alive and relaxed. Hope to record and work on some more songs with you!

This is probably a good time to thank all those sweet children, including my own, who helped make my CD’s successful. Lots of hours and repetition–both in Thailand and here.  … Thomas van Nes  and his recording abilities were, without a doubt, the best ever. He is patient and kind and full of good suggestions. He also made a CD of the first recording with the “Un English-like vocals” for the families. He was great! Thanks to all of you!

Thomas is a good friend and long-standing work colleague. I’d happily recommend Thomas to anyone looking for state-of-the-art studio and live room recording/mixing studios in Thailand. With his two available tropical bungalows and outdoor pool adjacent to the studio what you have is a premium recording holiday package at a fantastic price. I’ve recorded and mixed many albums and projects with Thomas and he’s as knowledgeable and professional as he is committed and easy-going.

It was great to work with you. I will recommend you to anyone I know visiting Thailand!

I’ve had the best time at Studio THomasso! Considering I’m not really experienced, THomas immediately made me feel right at home, which boosted my confidence. Because everything went so smooth I ended up with 10 recordings, which i really not anticipated.

Thank you again THomas, i will be back!

Друзьям-знакомым и просто всем музыкантам на заметку. На севере Тайланда, рядом с прелестным городом Чанг-Май, есть райское местечко, резорт для музыкантов. Живете вы так вот в тишине в зарослях бамбука и записываете альбом. Ибо там же находится добротнейшая студия звукозаписи, напичканная всяким аналоговым железом и проч. то есть вы живете в раю и творите, записываете, сводите там же, и все это вместе дешевле, чем в Мск по отдельности. Владелец мега-профи звукореж и просто гостеприимный дядечка голландец. Называется это все thomasso.net. В Тае подобного больше не встречала.провела там почти месяц, всем советую!

Friends, acquaintances and all musicians of note. In the North of Thailand, close to the enchanting city of Chiang Mai, is a heavenly place, resort for musicians. So you live in silence in the thickets of bamboo and are recording the album. Because there is also the dobrotnejšaâ recording studio, stuffed with all sorts of analog hardware, etc. that is, you live in paradise and create, record, mix, and all this together is cheaper than in the Msk separately. The owner of the mega-Pro zvukorež and just a friendly Uncle Dutch. It is called thomasso.net. In Tae this no longer meet held there for nearly a month, all advise! (Translated by Bing)

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