• A great collection of new and classic instruments

    and boxes and boxes of percussion

Old and new we have it covered

Available for use on your recordings


  • 2013 Martin D18
  • 2017 Sigma SOMR-28MLE
  • 1980 Guild D55
  • 1960’s Yamaha FG 180
  • 1970’s Ibanez T302 12 string guitar
  • 1990’s Pro Martin Custom EA500W VS, customized to slide guitar
  • Fender Stratocaster with GK midi pick up

Other stringed instruments

  • 5 String Fender Jazz bass
  • 4 String Aria customized fretless bass
  • Koto


  • Yamaha CLP-30. Master keyboard, 88 weighted keys
  • Yamaha PSR-550
  • Korg X5D



All maple shell Pacific Drumset by DW with Zildjan and Sabian brassware

Wide variety of percussion instruments include conga’s, cajon, cajonita, rattles, rasps, cabasa, shakers, woodblocks, tambourines, gongs, whistles, singing bowls, bells, kalimba, etc, etc

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