In some of the most beautiful grounds in the kingdom

A classic British Soundtracks analogue 32/8/32 desk from the early 1990’s is the heart of Studio THomasso. Recording is based on a digital recording platform using up to 48 tracks digital ADAT AD/DA conversion, provided by an ADAT HD 24 hard disc recorder and 3 ADAT XT 8 track recorders and a Nuendo 96/52  PCI card. All tracks are recorded onto computer and edited with a variety of cutting edge software and plug-ins.

The studio has several recording rooms and environments suitable for a variety of recording needs. Multiple rooms can be used in order to get each instrument/voice as clean as with individual tracking but without losing the dynamics of playing together.


Purpose designed and built room for recording everything from a single acoustic instrument to drums, vocals or a full band.  
The shape of the ca. 180 sq ft room with its high ‘cathedral’ ceiling (over 12 ft), plus the warmth of the analogue board and available outboard gear are responsible for the award winning signature sound of the studio.

Midi Suite

The Midi Suite is equipped for a midi based workflow with all instruments within easy reach. Furthermore small projects can be tracked more cost effectively and even big projects can be split into simultaneous recording/editing in various locations.

This room is also equipped for Audio Restoration. Precious recordings and older media like cassette, vinyl, DAT, can be cleaned and digitalized. Unwanted background noises from live video recordings can be eliminated for commercial release.


We pride ourselves on the use of as much analogue equipment as possible. During the mixing process every track will go thru a DA conversion and be routed thru the analogue mixing desk with the use of as much analogue outboard gear as is needed.

We have a great selection of speakers and a lot of experience mastering your project.

Whenever possible it is our policy to have a different engineer for mastering then for recording/tracking/mixing. That way the ‘fresh ears’ ensure the most objective judgment of the audio resulting in the best possible result for your target audience.  And of course we master projects that have been recorded and mixed elsewhere too.


An acoustically flat space for the more intimate task of voiceovers, narration and podcasting, it can also serve as a great foley room where silence and avoiding any room ambience is required.
Since 2006 voice over recording has become a mainstay of business in a variety of languages for a worldwide client base.
We offer professional solutions. High quality with competitive prices, reliability, good management and fast turnaround times have guaranteed a steady stream of return customers.

Lobby and additional recording room

Before the extension of the studio this was the control room, acoustically isolated and treated for minimal reflection. Besides being used for chilling and making coffee and tea it doubles up as a second or third (or fourth or fifth) room for tracking with the big window into the live room providing perfect visual contact.

It costs nothing to talk:

If you want to know more we are happy to talk about and help you plan your project. Over the years we’ve worked with many artists, from seasoned professionals to relative newcomers, and have built up a vast number of solutions for as many clients. You’ll find us enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional.

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