Music Samples

This was my first recording with Thomas and it was a hugely enjoyable experience. I have considerable engineering knowledge and experience but really didn’t want to be getting involved in that. From the first day I knew that Thomas is a very capable operator thus allowing me to relax and allowing me to concentrate on the music and the musicians.

Set ups were quick, organisation tight and he knows just the right moment to make a comment or add a thought, he’s a creative and tactful chap too.

Home made cakes appear from Thomas’s wife Nim at certain points of the day, this is not to be sniffed at because….er…cakes! Woohoo!

The accommodation and setting were perfect for my taste, almost magical woodland all around with a wooden bridge over the river and the salas outside each bungalow are perfect for getting stuff done and writing. In fact I started writing the next album there.

Do not hesitate to book this studio, it’s the real thing, you will get what you want from it without a doubt.

Trevor M Fisher, Mancunian, singer, guitarists, songwriter, Kazoo and Spoons master (Black Belt) inventor of Acid Trad and founder member of the Save The Flan Society. Recorded his album 'Splendid' at Studio Thomasso 2014.