chuang-mai-studio-2The studio has several recording environments suitable for a variety of recording needs. We offer our services based on an individual assessment of your project.

Send us details about your project like what you want to achieve in the studio, the amount of people on the recording, if you need session musicians, how many tracks or what is the duration of the recording. We can help you with the production and even produce and compose for you.

Also let us know what media you are ultimately aiming to have the project mastered to (CD, Video, Digital etc).

Once we have received your information we can work out the right studio for your project, we can also estimate the duration of the sessions and this is the critical element in estimating costs. We will always set up your session before you arrive, so that you can use your time more efficiently.

You are of course free to simply choose a set amount of hours and book that.

We have learned over the years that people new to the recording process typically underestimate the amount of time it will take and we are happy to guide you in this regard.

CLICK HERE to make an enquiry and tell us about your project.

CLICK HERE for some excellent tips on how to prepare for the studio environment for the best results.

Dear Thomas, it was such a pleasure and delight to record in your studio. You gave many inspirational and valuable advice and suggestions that pulled the best out of the moment. You do this with your heart and soul which makes it so alive and relaxed. Hope to record and work on some more songs with you!

—Vesna Anastasija, bandleader East Elysium