Music Samples

You have created a beautiful place of warmth and inspiration. I’m honored to have been here and to have experienced this place and your support. I really appreciate you and the time and space we spent together.

—Blane Lyon, California, USA. Singer, songwriter, producer

Thanks so much Thomas and Nim for your welcoming hospitality, for your good company and for supporting me in every way possible to make the best music that I can. I have had such a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful home and the studio of course. What a beautiful place to make music! I will definitely be back. Thanks again. Xx

—Debra Jaye, singer, songwriter, guitar player, travelling songstress

I’ve recorded at a lot of studios in Canada and Europe and I don’t know if I’ve ever found a more relaxed and natural environment to work in….the staff is efficient and fun…the facilities excellent…and the equipment is state of the art, highest tech kind of stuff……just a great sound. Highly recommended. I worked out my first CD there which eventually got picked up by a great record label………

— Harry Manx, singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist, winner of several Canadian blues awards.

It was great to work with you. I will recommend you to anyone I know visiting Thailand!

—Clair Cave, singer, songwriter