Studio Facilities

With several rooms to choose from, we can handle almost any size of project.

Recording at Studio THomasso is based on a digital recording platform thru a classic British analogue 32tracks 8 bus desk using up to 48 tracks digital ADAT AD/DA conversion, provided by an ADAT HD 24 hard disc recorder and 3 ADAT XT 8 track recorders and a Nuendo 96/52  PCI card. All tracks are recorded onto computer and edited with the most up to date software.

The studio is a 5 room facility with an acoustically great sounding live room (ca 180 sq ft) with a high ‘cathedral’ ceiling (over 12 ft), a smaller (ca 57 sq ft) dead room, a spacious, very comfortable (325 sq ft) new control room, a new mastering suite (94 sq ft) and an ample lobby(146 sq ft). All rooms are wired for audio and simultaneous recording can be done in all rooms.

Main Room

Our main live room.

Room 2

Our other live room, more intimate, has a full view of the main live room.

Control Room

Spacious and light, the control room has a great vibe to it, it also has a great garden view.

Project room

For small projects or non-critical recording such as programming drums or synths,

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