chiang-mai-recording-2Studio THomasso is a music and voice recording studio situated outside Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. It was established by Thomas van Nes in 1997.

Services offered beside recording, include composition of original music, scoring, production, hiring and conducting of session musicians, audio restoration and on site recording.


The in-house label THomasso Records is successfully operating on the domestic market since 2004, producing music for relaxation and contemplation.

Since 2006 voice recording has become the mainstay of business in a variety of languages for a worldwide client base. Professional solutions, high quality with competitive prices, reliability, good management and fast turnaround times have guaranteed a steady stream of return customers.

Among the clients are:

Advika Translations, Delhi, India

Antosch & Lin Languages, London, UK

BBH, Shanghai, China

Cosmic Global, Chennai, India

Designmate, Ahmedabad, India

EQHO, Bangkok, Thailand


Intervoice, Amsterdam, Netherlands

JBI Studios, Los Angeles, USA

The KDGS, North Billerica, USA

K.M. Tomyam, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Linguistic Systems, Cambridge, USA

Sonic Art Productions Gmbh, Bielefeld, Germany

Elllo, Japan

Some selected end users: BMW, Microsoft, Marriot, IDC, SAP, Genzyme, Shell, Siemens, HP, Bridgestone.

Languages offered: Thai, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, English, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch

CEO Thomas van Nes has a BA Literature 1983 from Leiden University, the Netherlands. He is fluent in Dutch, Swiss German, German, English, Thai and French.

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