Location meets competence

Set in a lush tropical garden resort Studio THomasso caters to all your recording needs. Combining the ease of 24-bit digital  recording and editing with the warmth of analogue mixing and British EQ…

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Voice Over

Professional solutions, high quality with competitive prices, reliability,

good management and fast turnaround times


Space to create on any scale.

The studio is a 5 room facility with an acoustically great sounding live room (ca 180 sq ft) with a high ‘cathedral’ ceiling (over 12 ft), a smaller (ca 57 sq ft) dead room…

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A truly creative environment

It’s often said by experienced recording artists that it’s not just the instruments and vocals that get captured in the studio, it’s also the mood, the atmosphere, the vibe that also gets translated onto the material and this makes a lot of sense, after all music is an utterly emotional thing…

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Studio accomodation

Within our extensive private grounds we have two sensational, well furnished bungalows. Each bungalow is self contained with 1 bedroom, wifi, HiFi, fully equipped kitchen, exterior sala, maid service and hot and cold showers. Pre production facilities can be set up so you can practice before going into the studio.



Any studio is only as good as the equipment in it and the people operating it. We have some of the best gear in the industry and plenty of it too. Lexicon reverbs, DBX compressors, Neumman Mics, Genelec monitoring all the names you’d expect in a quality set up…

Available Instruments

One of the joys of a studio for most musicians is that they get to play with new toys, after all you can only buy so much gear right? Our toy room is well stocked, we have the excuse of justifying our toy purchases because it’s our business! How cool is that?

Thomasso Records

“For many years I’ve been fascinated by the power of music and it’s capability to reach across the cultural and spiritual differences that divide this world” Thomasso Records is my own label presenting a wonderful mix of global music…

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